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Labour and Birth

Coping at home

When to call Hospital

Birth Places

Stages of Labour

Role of the birth partner

Birth environment

All types of birth

Pain relief options


Going Home with Baby

The Golden Hour

Recovery Post Birth

Safe Sleeping


Out and about

Managing a crying baby

How to bath a baby   

Feeding your baby

There will be plenty of breaks within the course. Teas, coffees and a graze box (at the weekend classes only) will be provided!

All  parents will also be given a take home 'tool kit' with some reminders and other bits and bobs.

Where - Sessions will be taking place in Leith at No. 11 Brunswick St.



            16th + 17th July 2022 1-6pm 

            30th + 31st July 2022 11-4pm

            3rd + 4th September 2022 1-6pm

            8th + 9th October 2022 11-4pm

Who - The course is for you and your birth partner. You can also come alone or with a friend or relative.


Investment - £200


Bend + Breathe

Our mindful birth workshop offers empowering, yet practical tools to give you confidence going into your birth. Using our training as yoga and hypnobirthing instructors, we aim to give you an ‘essentials kit’ that can be used before, during and after birth.


As midwives we see the benefit that both yoga and hypnobirthing can bring and recognise that both of these practices are relevant to all pregnancies and every type of birth, regardless of how or where you have your baby. This unique midwife-led workshop offers the chance to learn and practice some fundamental yoga and hypnobirthing techniques.


We ensure a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and all are welcome!


Our two hour workshop includes:

  • Yoga positions for birth

  • Hands on tips for birth partners

  • Practical advice for coping at home

  • Movement for labour and birth

  • Breathing exercises for labour

  • Writing birth affirmations

  • Relaxation scripts and how to use them

Where - No. 11 Brunswick St., Edinburgh 

Who - The course is for you and your birth partner. You can also come alone or with a friend or relative.

When  15th June 2022 7-9pm

             23rd August 7-9pm

Investment - £50 for those who have joined us on our Gather course or £70 otherwise. Please contact us for a discount code.

The classes are perfect if you want to meet other local parents-to-be and prepare for parenthood. Our honest, midwife-led course offers a realistic perspective on labour, birth and being at home with your baby. They are run are run over a single weekend, or over a 4 week bloc where Hailey and Hannah are both on hand to provide expert advice and guidance whilst ensuring plenty of time for your questions.

The course is packed with useful evidence-based information that is delivered in our unique, light-hearted style. All our courses are run in private surroundings with limited numbers, giving you the chance to connect with others and build lasting friendships. We offer continual support throughout the programme and are happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have after the course has finished.

Classes will include:


1:1 sessions

Our 1:1 sessions are the ideal time to prepare for the arrival of your baby in the comfort of your own home. Our pregnant people and their birth partners choose this option for a number of reasons, whether it be because you can't make the group classes, concerns around COVID, or simply to have the full attention of two midwives to ask questions to and learn. Whatever the reason, 1:1 sessions are a great option!

What can you expect from our 1:1 sessions?

  • 4 hours of birth preparation including elements for labour, birth and after baby arrives

  • Content tailored to each pregnant person and their birth partner (discussed prior to session)

  • Full attention of both of us

  • We will meet with you wherever you feel most comfortable

1:1 sessions are booked to meet your individual needs, so get in contact to have a chat about what dates work for you!

Investment: £180

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