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What to bring with you to your Gather Antenatal Classes in Edinburgh or Dundee

You may be unsure about signing up to antenatal classes. Perhaps you’ve just found out you are pregnant or maybe you're into your third trimester and have heard people talk about antenatal classes but you are unsure of what to expect or why it might be beneficial. For some further information about why antenatal classes matter, and why they are worth the effort, time and money, check out our previous post on the topic. Hailey and I are hugely passionate about the importance of honest, upfront, supportive antenatal classes and we promise that our workshops will make you feel calm and confident about both the birth of your baby as well as parenthood.

Perhaps you’ve heard about our antenatal classes from friends or family or seen reviews online from other expectant parents and you’ve decided to book our 5 star rated classes (yay!). You won’t regret it! Our midwife-led classes give you the opportunity to learn new (and up-to-date) info, practice baby care skills as well as socialise with other lovely folk expecting a baby around the same time as you. So if you live in Edinburgh or Dundee and you are preparing to join us for our Gather antenatal workshop, here’s what you need to bring with you.

An open mind

You may have a very set idea about how you want to birth your baby or feed your little one. Or perhaps you haven’t given it much thought and find it all a little overwhelming. That’s ok! We are here to help. Hailey and I have an evidence-led approach and our aim is to provide you with reliable and trustworthy information so that you can make the best decisions for you and your family. There is no judgement and no bias during our classes. It’s all about empowering you so that you can feel totally confident and calm going forward. All of our classes are welcoming, confidential spaces and we always encourage participants to share experiences and get to know others as the class goes on. It’s all about building a support network! And rest assured, our classes are always filled with fun activities and group tasks to get everyone thinking and working together.

A list of questions

There may be so many thoughts, concerns or worries wurring about in your head. You may have googled something or read something else and you aren’t sure what is accurate information. During our Gather antenatal classes there is always time for discussion and there is no such thing as a silly question. We would much rather you asked at our classes than worried about it later down the line. The good news is that even after the workshop you have direct access to midwifery support so if something crops up later down the line you can just send us an email or text.

Water and some snacks

Whether you are coming to our Edinburgh or Dundee classes, there is plenty of time for tea and coffee throughout the day. We provide herbal teas and decaf options throughout the weekend. We also make sure you are well fed with a gorgeous, locally made graze box that meets any dietary requirements you might have. We take time to stop for breaks so that you can meet others, relax and have some time to reflect on the content of the course. Please bring along a water bottle that we can top up for you to keep you hydrated throughout the classes. It can be pretty tiring work concentrating and getting involved in all that we do over the antenatal course, so bring along any wee snacks that might help!

If you are expecting a baby in Dundee or Edinburgh we would love to meet you at our Gather workshop. Led by practicing midwives with years of experience, we offer practical, honest and trustworthy information while connecting you with other parents who also live in Dundee or Edinburgh. Come and join us!

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