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Why Choose Grow+Gather

Hailey and I set up Grow+Gather at the beginning of Covid, just before lockdown. Looking back, it feels as though that timing was meant to be. We did online sessions as well as in-person classes with small numbers and lots of social distancing. Pregnant folk were really scared and anxious and it felt so good to be able to offer reassurance and support, to walk with people on a journey that seemed quite overwhelming at that point. Building Grow+Gather during that time felt so necessary and it was such a privilege to be with new and expectant parents when there was often very little support in other ways. As the years have gone on, Hailey and I are beyond excited to see our classes grow and continue to feel passionately about supporting new families in and around Edinburgh. 

Hailey and I are midwives and mothers first and foremost. We haven’t got backgrounds in sales or marketing and sometimes we find it hard to promote what we do. But what we do is, in my humble opinion, pretty awesome. Recently it seems that there are loads more options for parents to be when they are looking for antenatal classes. When we first started there was really very little on offer but now the choice seems a bit overwhelming. So why book antenatal classes with us? What do we offer and how do we differ? Here are eight reasons why you should join Grow+Gather for antenatal classes.

A local, small business with an in depth knowledge of the area

Hailey and I really pride ourselves on the fact that we are a small, local business. We know about Edinburgh and the lothians and are aware of midwifery practice here and local services that are on offer. We had our own babies in Edinburgh and we know many of the midwives locally. We are confident in the theoretical aspects of your care and also how that translates into practice. We care deeply about our local families and parents-to-be and are so proud to be a part of their journeys. 

Run by experienced midwives 

Between us, we have over twenty years of midwifery experience and we have looked after thousands of families during their pregnancies, births and as new parents. We completely understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’, that each family is unique. No question is off the table during our classes and we welcome families of all descriptions. 

We are all mums

Between us, we have 6 children under 6. We aren’t ‘just’ midwives. We have been where you are. We understand your worries, concerns and questions. We get how overwhelming things can be sometimes. Whether it’s sleep regressions, potty training, weaning or toddler tantrums, we have seen it all! 

Non-judgemental, evidence based, reliable information

Having been midwives for years, we feel well equipped to guide you through the practical components of all things birth and baby! But we have a great grounding in the theory too and are up-to-date with recent research and guidelines. However, we won't make our answers up! If we aren’t sure we go and find out and then make sure we provide a reliable answer to your question. Trying to interpret the research or find answers can be tricky on your own, coming to our classes avoids that stress! There isn’t any pressure either - we want you to make the best decisions for you and your family and support all types of birth and all types of feeding. 

Our classes take place over a weekend

We get that lots of other providers run classes in the evening after work but we remember being absolutely exhausted after work when we were pregnant! Having the sessions on a whole weekend gives you time to completely focus on your birth and baby without having to constantly refocus at the start of every session. You are already in the groove and it means we can really delve deep into questions or queries that you may have without being restricted to short evening sessions. 

Included active birth class

Once you have come along to our weekend antenatal classes you will feel so much more relaxed about the medical aspects of birth such as the stages of labour, when to call the midwives or where you can have your baby. However, our Bend and Breathe workshop allows you to think a little more about coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques. As well as being midwives, Hailey and I are trained in hypnobirthing and yoga and during our active birth class we use our backgrounds in these areas to teach breathing techniques, movements and massage techniques for birth.

Ongoing midwifery support and social support too

Our classes are not about giving you a degree in midwifery. We are super passionate about giving you all the information you need to make you feel calm, relaxed and confident in the birth of your baby and for early parenthood. But we are never going to cover absolutely everything. What we think is more important is a social network. That’s why we are on hand in the lead up to the antenatal classes with a dedicated whatsapp group that you can then use to support one another once your babies have arrived. Hailey and I are around after the course ends too offering any support or follow up that you need. Our groups are super sociable and you will meet so many friendly folk on our antenatal weekend. Our groups are always meeting up and even inviting each other to first birthday parties!

Relaxed, comfy, central venue with lunch and cups of tea galore

The venues we use are warm, comfortable and relaxed with plenty of seating options for those struggling with sore backs or hips. We have plenty of breaks for socialising and stretching the legs and you are welcome to buy a coffee from the on-site barista or fill your cup up from our tea and coffee station. We provide a gorgeous graze box for lunch.

We would love to see you at one of classes. Our July sessions are now fully booked but there are a couple of spots available for August. If you have any questions or queries why not send us an email? We would be delighted to hear from you.


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