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5 reasons to gather for Growing Again!

We are so excited about our Growing Again classes that we will be starting to roll out from October. Currently happening in Edinburgh, our Growing Again course is the perfect refresher for those of you who might be expecting another baby. Perhaps you joined us for our Gather course and are wanting another dose of awesome, honest and reliable birth and parenthood information or maybe you didn’t manage to get to antenatal classes (cheers Covid!) and feel like you would like to give them a try this time round. Whatever the reason, we would love to meet you! Here are 5 reasons why you need to come and join us for our Growing Again course.

1. Birth and parenthood preparation matters, whether it’s your first or fourth baby

Ok, I admit it. We are totally biased when it comes to antenatal education. Your baby will not notice how fancy your buggy is and she won’t miss the high tech baby monitor. But what can make a difference to your baby is how calm, confident and prepared you are as parents. Whilst a lot of that confidence comes from learning on the job, there is so much you can do before baby is here. And that’s true whether it's the first time round or fourth. Our Growing Again sessions are an amazing refresher and we will look at birth preferences, pain relief options and the role of your birth partner as well as discussing feeding options. We aim to meet the needs of the group though so if there is a topic you really want to cover, go ahead and ask!

2. Sessions are led by experienced midwives

As with all our classes, Growing Again is led by experienced midwives who have worked in a variety of maternity settings both in the UK and abroad. We get that this time can be exciting and daunting in equal measure. As a team, we have five children under five and understand completely some of the questions and concerns you may have. We have been running antenatal classes for years now and are excited to be able to offer you a course that is designed completely with growing families in mind. We don’t need to cover every aspect of the parenting or birth journey - you have done it before! But we will offer you reliable, evidence-based information that is up-to-date and focused on growing families.

3. Our workshops take place at times that are convenient for busy families

Whilst I am sure you would love to be able to join us for a full weekend of antenatal classes (think hot cups of tea and toilet trips on your own!) we understand that you probably don’t have the childcare to make this possible. Plus, you already know a lot of the stuff that we cover on the full antenatal weekend. This course is different, it’s specifically focused on how you might feel about birthing again and becoming parents for a subsequent time. We have decided to run our workshops in a mixed format and we hope that makes it easier for you to join us. Our first session is for women/birthing folk only (I don't want to bang on about the hot cups of tea but that’s surely a draw!) and our second session takes place online. Finally, we meet altogether in a lovely bright cafe where we have our own space and toys for little ones. Plenty of time for coffee and questions while the children have a wee play.

4. We focus on building friendships and networks

Whilst we pride ourselves on offering courses that are packed full of important info, we are also big on the social side of things too! We know how important it is to make friends with others who are due around the same time as you. Our sessions are interactive and sociable and are an easy way to build a strong, supportive network. Having a clan of people around you as your family grows is just as important with your first baby as it is the second or third time round.

5. Our course is tailored for families that are growing again

As antenatal educators, we are passionate about ensuring couples leave our classes feeling confident and equipped for the journey ahead. We always make sure our classes are packed full of non-judgemental discussions and this is true whether you join us for antenatal classes, first aid workshops or an active birth class. Gathering Again focuses on your expanding family and we spend time discussing your previous birth experience as well as any fears or worries you may have about labour and birth. We aim to break down these worries and build up your confidence and as well as discussing coping strategies for labour and birth, considering what worked last time and what could be different this time round. Our workshops focus on the change in family dynamics offering tips for preparing older children and how to manage an expanding family.

We are so excited to be running our Growing Again course. We are passionate that all families should have access to reliable, honest and up-to-date information. If you are expecting another baby and are looking for a refresher course with a big focus on the social, we would be delighted to meet you!

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