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Taking your baby swimming - Top tips from the experts!

Hi! We are Jenni and Louise and we run Water Babies classes in the North East of Scotland. Alongside us, we have a wonderful team of teachers who are women that are caring, supportive, funny and dedicated to what they do. We really are very lucky!

We believe that taking your new baby swimming in the early months is so important and has huge benefits, for both you and your baby. We want to reassure you that we understand that it can be a nerve-wracking experience for the first time. Just leaving the house can feel like an uphill struggle sometimes, let alone going swimming! So many things to think about; packing up everything you think you will need, taking your tiny bundle along to a pool, getting changed with total strangers, wondering the whole time if baby is going to like it, what if they cry? We’re here to support you through your lessons and to reassure you, it will all be fine! We have all been through the same thing, everyone on our team is a mum too, having been to the lessons with our own babies. We loved it so much we couldn’t leave! But don’t just take our word for it, ask the tens of thousands of people who take their wee ones to a class across the UK. We have plenty of classes running in both Dundee and Edinburgh with plenty of options in regard to times and venues. There is a reason why we are the number one provider of baby and toddler lessons in the world!

Spending 30 minutes each week in a friendly environment with like minded people can help you feel connected and supported and adding in that skin-to-skin contact with your baby makes it even better. All those cuddles, smiles and singing is the best environment for a baby and their grown-ups and helps to promote bonding. Learning through purposeful play, we teach vital safety skills right from the start allowing them to grow in confidence and learn what it means to be safe around water. We truly have the best job in the world!

If you’re thinking of joining a Water Babies class near you, then allow us to give you some insider tips to make it easy for you.

1) The best time to swim is when baby has had their nap so they have plenty of energy for

swimming. A 30 minute lesson is a lot of hard work for them!

2) The ideal time for a feed is to aim to be finished about an hour before, it allows their tummy to be full enough not to be hungry but settled enough to avoid any sick in the pool.

3) Come along with your swimsuit on under some loose and easy clothes, trying to get dressed into leggings, tight jeans or tights after class is harder than you think, and something you can certainly do without.

4) Bring two small towels for your baby, one to wrap them in when you get dressed, and one to dry them with.

5) Bring a travel cup with your favourite tea or coffee, and a snack for after class to give

yourself a boost. It’s also handy if you get stuck in the car with a sleeping baby on the way


In our next post on swimming with your baby we are going to explore some of the benefits of swimming and answer some the most common questions that people ask. If you would like more information, just get in touch. We would love to meet you in one of our classes!

01382 690425

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